[[t]əkrɒ̱s, AM əkrɔ͟ːs[/t]]
(In addition to the uses shown below, across is used in phrasal verbs such as `come across', `get across', and `put across'.)
1) PREP If someone or something goes across a place or a boundary, they go from one side of it to the other.

She walked across the floor and lay down on the bed...

He watched Karl run across the street to Tommy. expedition across Africa.

ADV: ADV after v
Across is also an adverb.

Richard stood up and walked across to the window.

2) PREP If something is situated or stretched across something else, it is situated or stretched from one side of it to the other.

...the floating bridge across Lake Washington in Seattle...

He scrawled his name across the bill...

Lucy had strung a banner across the wall saying `Welcome Home Daddy'.

ADV: ADV after v
Across is also an adverb.

Trim toenails straight across using nail clippers.

3) PREP If something is lying across an object or place, it is resting on it and partly covering it.

She found her clothes lying across the chair...

The wind pushed his hair across his face.

4) PREP Something that is across something such as a street, river, or area is on the other side of it.

Anyone from the houses across the road could see him...

When I saw you across the room I knew I'd met you before.

ADV: ADV after v, usu ADV from n
Across is also an adverb.

They parked across from the Castro Theatre... He pulled up a chair and sat down across from Michael.

5) ADV: ADV after v, oft ADV prep If you look across at a place, person, or thing, you look towards them.

He glanced across at his sleeping wife...

She rose from the chair and gazed across at him.

...breathtaking views across to the hills.

6) PREP You use across to say that a particular expression is shown on someone's face.

An enormous grin spread across his face...

For a moment a shadow seemed to pass across Roy's face.

7) PREP If someone hits you across the face or head, they hit you on that part.

Graham hit him across the face with the gun, then pushed him against the wall.

8) PREP When something happens across a place or organization, it happens equally everywhere within it.

The film `Hook' opens across America on December 11...

Thousands of farmers from across Europe have held a huge demonstration in the centre of Brussels...

2,000 workers across all state agencies are to be fired by March 31st.

9) PREP When something happens across a political, religious, or social barrier, it involves people in different groups.
across the boardsee board

...parties competing across the political spectrum...

We want to promote cosmetics that appeal across the colour barrier.

10) ADV: amount ADV Across is used in measurements to show the width of something.

This hand-decorated plate measures 30cm across and costs ₤11.50...

The snails are no larger than one centimetre across.

English dictionary. 2008.

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